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The Black on Black Network is a network that was created after the success of the Black on Black Radio Show. The Black on Black Show is a show that focuses on healing, educating, empowering, and developing Black communities in Indianapolis, and around the country.

In October of 2015, Gregory Meriweather started the Black on Black Radio Show, and the show was featured on The first phase of Black on Black was to capture the community. Meriweather was able to do this by having people on the show who had experienced trials, yet were able to overcome them by staying in the fight of life.

The next phase was to speak with community leaders. This was done so that the community would know who is actually out in the streets attempting to help make things better. It was also important to hold them accountable to their mission.

Thirdly, we brought in the media, and finally the government. At the end of each show Meriweather asks all of his guest to make two dedications to the development of the Black community. When this is done, Meriweather believes that accountability is established.

The Show grew from just a few listeners in the Indianapolis area, to thousands of listeners in Chicago,Nashville, Louisville, Norfolk, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and the rest of Indiana.

Black on Black has had guests from all walks of life. Some well know guests to visit Black on Black have been Dr. Michael Twyman, Shannon Williams, Mayor Joe Hogsett, Deputy Mayor of Neighborhoods, Dr.

David Hampton, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, Sen. Greg Taylor, Rachel Dolezal, and Tavis Smiley. Being a forward thinker, Meriweather believed that he could do more for his people. So he made the decision to take the Black on Black Radio Show, and put the show on its own network. That is when he decided to start the Black on Black Network.

The Black on Black Network is an internet based television and radio Network. Black on Black Network was created to tell our stories, our way. Personally, Meriweather believes that it is time for our people to be shown in a positive light, and he is determined to do just that through the Black on Black Network.

The Black on Black Network will promote unknown talent. We will be looking for independent film makers, musicians, and artists alike.

Black on Black Network is here so that we don’t have to wait on the cavalry to come. We are the help that we have been looking for.

Black on Black to many, means crime. To us Black on Black is the ignition switch. It is the plug. It is turning on black love, unity, respect, pride, dignity, support, and solidarity.

The Black on Black Network is removing the excuses. Turn on Black.

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Gregory L. Meriweather is an activist, public speaker, columnist for the Indianapolis Recorder, the host of the Black on Black Radio Show, and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black on Black LLC and Black on Black Network.  Defined as “Us helping us,” Black on Black addresses relevant issues that are cancerous to the Black community. Some of those issues include Black parenting, Black relationships, Black church, Black education, Black health, Black community leaders, Black government, employment opportunities, the penal system and criminal injustice.

Motivated by his passion and commitment to change the landscape of the Indianapolis Black community, Gregory Meriweather founded the Black on Black show and serves as its weekly host. Standing firm on the concept of “We are responsible for us” and subscriber to the notion, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” first expressed by Barack Obama, Meriweather believes the strength of the Black community is in the muscle work of its people.

Black on Black is changing the community one program at a time. To date, the show has been host to guests such as former Indianapolis Chief of Police, Rick Hite, current IMPD Chief, Troy Riggs, Your Life Matters Executive Director, Michael Twyman, Tavis Smiley, Rachel Dolezal, CEO of IBE, Tanya Bell, Indiana State Senator, Greg Taylor, Mayors Joe Hogsett (Indianapolis), Karen Freeman-Wilson (Gary),  pastors, mothers, fathers, and corporate professionals.

Meriweather is an established leader in the Indianapolis community and has served as a mentor, consultant, executive coach, and strategic officer for local faith-based organizations and other corporate entities for the past 10 years.

Meriweather is a graduate of Marian University in Indianapolis and holds a degree in Business Administration with a focus in management.   He is experienced in the industries of brokerage and financial services, specialty chemicals, corporate retail management and distribution, and staff relations management. His leadership and management profile consists of work with Fortune 500 companies such as Morgan Stanley, Eli Lilly, National Starch & Chemical, and Target Corporation.  Meriweather is a trained negotiator and has extensive study in organizational behavior.

Prior to Meriweather’s college and professional career, he was a decorated two-sport athlete in high school, and a college basketball player.  He has coached youth league basketball and now provides image consulting services to amateur and professional athletes.

Meriweather’s passion and gift is public speaking.  He is a communications strategist and enjoys the opportunity to speak to churches, new entrepreneurs, inner-city youth, athletes, and college graduates.  Meriweather is often requested as a workshop speaker and builds his presentation on humor, relevant experiences, and strategic resolution.

In his constant pursuit of excellence, Meriweather believes that a positive image is a model for success.  His company, Black on Black seeks to play a supporting role in building the image of businesses, communities, and individuals. Meriweather’s goals with Black on Black LLC., and the Black on Black Network is to heal educate, empower, and develop the Black communities all over the nation.









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