The mission of Black on Black Network, is to provide quality information that drives people to want to live life in such a positive way that it becomes infectious to all mankind. Black on Black Network, will be the driving force in African-American Media, and then all media. We will tell the truths of African-Americans, through radio, television, and print. Black on Black Network will dedicate time, efforts, and energies into making sure that African-Americans are not viewed and heard in a way that is considered inferior, negative or degrading. We will be recognized as the cream of the crop, and as the company to turn to when the African-American community needs a voice.

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The Vision of Black on Black Network is to heal, educate, empower, and develop the African-American community throughout the country. We will do this through the Black on Black Network, which will consist of The Black on Black Radio Show, and Black on Black Television. Our shows will be informative, and have the type of content designed to elevate, and encourage African-Americans to strive for more. We will develop this network starting with the Black on Black Radio Show, and grow the network as the show grows. We will also design a non-profit named Heal Educate Empower and Develop (H.E.E.D) Incorporated.

H.E.E.D Incorporated, will focus on developing programs designed to help the African-American community. Our programs are designed to remove excuses, and alleviate racial disparities. We will ensure the future of the African-American culture by empowering the youth. We will partner with other groups to help attain better education, employment, and housing. We will also play a role in helping African-Americans establish a true identity as people who are equally as capable of leading as any other race in the world.

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Black on Black Radio Network is focused on bringing the best in all genres of black music from the past to the present. Along with 24/7 music Black on Black radio will include talk shows which are designed to heal educate empower and develop the black community.


Black on Black Television Network is a network designed to show black films, black music videos, black news and black shows, which play a role in uplifting the black community through positive messaging.


Black on Black Media Network is designed to find stories and share them in a way that results in the truth being revealed while disposing the negative depictions of black by mainstream media.


Heal Educate Empower Develop is a nonprofit that was created to fill voids in the black community in areas which are otherwise overlooked. HEED is the solution to ending the miseducation of the black community by promoting and providing training and workshops around Healing, Education, Empowerment and Development.

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About the Founder

Gregory L. Meriweather is an activist, public speaker, columnist for the Indianapolis Recorder, the host of the Black on Black Radio Show, and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black on Black LLC and Black on Black Network. Defined as “Us helping us,” Black on Black addresses relevant issues that are cancerous to the Black community.

Some of those issues include Black parenting, Black relationships, Black church, Black education, Black health, Black community leaders, Black government, employment opportunities, the penal system and criminal injustice.